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Maharlika is a holistic educational institute offering comfort and space for emergent transformation and internal exploration within the wild of Appalachia’s majestic mountainscape. The non profit was established in 2012 by Grand Master Shishir Inocalla. Maharlika means “great creation” in Filipino language.

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Anchored by the inspiring beauty of Mother Nature and an incomparable intellectual history, Maharlika is a Home of integrative arts, joy and spirit. Maharlika aims to be a leading center for exploring and realizing human potential through experience, education, and research.

Maharlika drives pioneering initiatives and offers personal, spiritual, and social transformation programs for residents, interns, and workshop participants.

To explore transformation and experience healing is to enjoy unparalleled access to leading minds of the day, both on campus and virtually. We welcome visitors with reservations to our retreat center, which boasts convenient yet natural environment, serene, rustic guest suites, and more, all set on over 100 acres along the gorgeous Blue Ridge portion of the Southern Appalachian mountains in Southwest Virginia, which is well known for its scenic beauty.

Now Available for Online Coaching



Arnis/Kali/Eskrima filipino martial arts

Maharlika Institute was established to educate, promote and uplift Arnis FMA Maharlika culture. Arnis is the national sport and martial art of the Philippines. Arnis, Kali, Eskrima are the popular names for FMA (Filipino Martial arts). Modern Arnis was founded by GM Remy Presas main teacher of Datu Shishir Inocalla.

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FMA/MMA- empty hand self defense

Empty hand techniques of filipino maharlikan martial arts. Practice effective techniques from punches, kicks, elbows, knees as a defence, attack mobility. Practical, spontaneous, simple.




Mind, body, spirit training for golfers. Find and implement your chi energy flow, “birdie” feeling, learn to be in the “zone” at will, avoid negative and enhance positive energy, breathing, connecting with inner self to higher self, swing with ease, understanding “dharma” nature. Chi-golf Application to swing, putting, driver. Training at Play.



Maha Yoga

This form of yoga developed from Astanga yoga and Ananda Marga Yoga. Using Hatha yoga postures integrating Lakas Chi flow with positive energy “feel” from the inner heart at Life Retailers. The approach is more allowing, listening and “being present”.

Letting go of tensions and stress accumulated in the physical and mental body.

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Hilot natural filipino massage

There are several Filipino healing systems “all-in-one” using energy, faith, herbs and Lakas flow. Hilot massage helps to release energy blockages to free up healing energies and neutralize the blockages or trauma.


BMST or Body, Mind & Spirit Training

BMST - developing healthy, strong, sound mind, strong body, inspired heart. Learn to listen & connect to your body, prevent injury, learn to maximize potential. Recover from injury and trauma.



Spiritual counseling. Master Shishir over the years had been working with clients that has questions about life in general, purpose and meaning, issues in relationships, career, employment, sexuality, commitment, morality, anger, attachments, trauma, chakra imbalance, energy loss, lack of confidence, no motivation, addiction, weight issues, mental imbalance, psycho-spiritual energies and non physical phenomena.

"Orasyon" Meditation

Meditation is internal self discipline to relax mind and body using positive energy from the inner heart. Stillness, relaxation, enjoying, staying in the present, positive energies are some of the benefits achieved thru "orasyon" meditation.

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Lakas Chi Energy

Learn to utilize internal force as the source of action n movement in training, activities and daily life. Apply these 3 energies for active actions, medium energy functions and sentient energy flow. This energy flows makes our movement efficient, flowing with the lakas chi force. The practitioner learns to allow the energy to flow and maximize vitality, revitalize, recharge, and uplift.

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Green business

Develop your leadership potential and entrepreneurial skills via our leadership coaching program. Combining business skills and mindfulness.


About US

Maharlika Institute was created to share and teach the "Heartful Path" to everyone. To be in the heart  ​means to be true to oneself, to live in the Love and joy all the time. 

Utilizing mindbodyheart training of Sport Arnis martial arts, Taichi movement flow, HYoga, Chigolf,  Smile meditation, natural healing. Founded by the Inocalla family since the 90's.  Master Shishir Inocalla, Dr. Marilou Inocalla, GM Dada Herbert Inocalla



  • Featured on Blackbelt magazine 

  • Awarded "Datu" (Sir) and Grandmaster in Modern Arnis

  • 2005 - awarded Grandmaster and Instructor of the year by WHFSC

  • Founder of BMST (Body, Mind, Spirit Training System)

  • "Michelangelo" in the Ninja Turtles movies and TV series

  • President and Co-founder of Arnis Kali Maharlika-Inocalla System

  • Vice president of Larnis official body of arnis national sports and martial arts accredited by Philippine Olympic Committee and Philippine Sports Commission

  • Arnis Wellness Coach for Disney Celebration Fitness

Career Highlights (Golf)

  • Worked with golf legend David Leadbetter of David Leadbetter Golf Academy

  • Currently coaches at Zone Golf Academy


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